18 April 2008

Off the Ledge!!!

Day 9- Honeymoon

At the mention of New Zealand – some words snugly relate itself to her. Those words include; Sheep, Lord of the Rings, Kiwi, Maori and of recent times, Bungy Jumping found itself in the same category.

Here in Queenstown, there are several categories of bungy (as if the fall itself is not scary enough). They have the first ever bungy site at Kawarau Bridge, the Ledge right in the middle of town and the Nevis, somewhere out there on a handing station supported only by high wire.

We decided since to go for the original bungy at Kawarau Bridge about 10mins away from Queenstown. For the first time on our honeymoon, Terence will be doing this all by himself. Despite the months of persuading, my nerves for the better of me.

The bungy site is incredibly impressive with a modern building next to the bridge and sophisticated architecture. They got right into registration, signing indemnity forms, getting your weight and giving you a slip a paper to throw yourself off the bridge.

Getting the harness secured

Standing 43m off the ground the Kawarau Bridge has a lovely view of autumn trees by the mountain cliff and a stream of gushing rivers just below. The scene was perfect for any leap, fall or somersault. They got Terence strapped up with a towel round his ankles, a lot of ropes on top of the towel and a harness around his body. I gave him a big kiss, told him I love him and set off to the other side of the bridge to snap the momentous picture.

The 'rubberband' being strapped to his leg

On the other end of the bridge, he gave a big wave a half nervous smile and the bungy guide shouted 1-2-3… silence. And then an audible “Ahhhhh………. Wohoooo……. Ahhhhh……..” The rope jerked and bounced him up and down, he swung from side to side, then a raft came and they extended a stick for him to grab hold. Once in the raft he waved and flashed a humongous smile – it was a definitely high!

Final farewell

Yeeeeeaaah!!! After the big jump!

Safe and sound

I DID IT!!!!

Here's the 6 seconds jump, in motion:

The second half of our afternoon was more relaxing. We went horseback next to the Shotover River weaving through willows and golden and crimson trees. The view was amazing as the winds lifted up most of the clouds clearing it up to mountainous landscapes amidst the glistening river. The horses were incredibly obedient too. I totally fell in love with my horse – Chief who had its name from the two white stripes on his ears.

Horse riding for everyone

My horse, Chief

Don't you just want to horseback ride facing such superb scenery?

By the Shotover River

Terence forced me to publish this picture (knowing him...)

Us in front of The Remarkables

Just before the sun set on us, we were whisked away for some pampering at the hot pools. Onsen hot pools are set below the Coronet Valley overlooking magnificent view of rolling hills and gentle streams. Our private room had a huge hot tub steaming with 38c of water and a retractable wall and ceiling. Once we got into the hot tub, the wall and ceiling opened to nature at its best. Every knot and muscle ache instantly soothes itself. Thankfully this kind of pampering is reasonably priced at NZ$75 for an hour.

Hot tub facing an amazing scenery!

They have retractable windows

Our pizza and pasta dinner to cap the night

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